Tamer Mohsen Launches His Official Website

Tamer Mohsen Launches His Official Website

18 December 2019

Egyptian director Tamer Mohsen has launched his official website, featuring his biography and repertoire consisting of photos and behind the scenes glimpses, as well as the advertisements he directed, the latest news on his work, and a section for audience and critics reviews on his various projects. The main page also includes a video showcasing his past work.

The official website: tamer-mohsen.com

Recently, Tamer has taken part in numerous activities, most notably his participation as a jury member in the iRead Screenplay Competition, held at the 41st Cairo International Film Festival. Additionally, Tamer announced during a TV interview, that he is working on his latest TV series, but didn't give any further details.

The TV series Bedon Zekr Asmaa', written by Waheed Hamed, that garnered wide audience and critical acclaim, was Tamer's first work on the small screen. His second TV series was Taht El Saytara (Under Control), during Ramadan 2015 season, also garnered massive support from audiences because of its serious and unconventional theme as it dealt with the idea of addiction that is not only limited to drugs. Later, he directed the TV series Haza Al Masaa' (Ramadan 2017 season), that surpassed the success of his two previous TV series as it exposes the perils of the new technology. Tamer Mohsen won several awards for this series, including Best Series, Director, and Screenplay at the Cinema Syndicate Awards for Ramadan Dramas 2017. His most recent work is the previously mentioned upcoming TV series.