Sherine Reda As A Famous Star Recalling Her Past In Nemra Etnein On Shahid Vip

Sherine Reda As A Famous Star Recalling Her Past In Nemra Etnein On Shahid Vip

18 November 2020

Shereen Reda will star the new episode of the serial drama Nemra Etnein, titled Fare’ Taw’eet (Different Timings), which will premiere on Shahid VIP on November 19.

On a less-than-an-hour trip to the airport in a private car, a famous movie star recalls old memories.

Shereen Reda revealed that she suffered a broken leg on set while shooting for Nemra Etnein fourth episode. Having Maged El Kedwany and Hadi El Bagoury on board, besides finding the character very appealing are the main reasons that made Reda take the role. She plays the role of a woman who went through a painful experience that shaped her way of life.

Directed by Hadi El Bagoury and written by Wael Hamdy, the fourth episode (Different Timings) of Nemra Etnein is headlined by Shereen Reda and Maged El Kedwany.

Shereen Reda starred in a number of works in 2020, namely: Ras El Sana film and Leh la (Why not) TV series which airs on Shahid VIP. Furthermore, she participated in the 4th edition of El Gouna Film Festival as a jury member of Gemini Uplift4GFF competition.

Highlighting the different social perspectives of the concept of Love and Romance in the modern Arab community, Nemra Etnein is a social drama that runs through eight episodes; each featuring different writers, directors and actors.

Created by Adam AbdelGhaffar, Nemra Etnein is helmed by directors Adam AbdelGhaffar, Tarek Al Eryan, Tamer Mohsen, Youssri Nasrallah, Hani Khalifa, Hadi El Bagoury, Mohamed Shaker, and Anas Ba-Tahaf, and written by Adam AbdelGhaffar, Mariam Naoum, Wael Hamdy, Sama Abdelkhalek, and Sara Teiba.

The TV serial drama features an A-list cast from across the Arab world, including Mona Zaki, Menna Shalaby, Maged El Kedwany, Eyad Nassar, Nelly Kareem, Shereen Reda, Ahmed Malek, and Saba Mubarak. Nemra Etnein is an original production by