Actress Tara Emad Joins Mad Celebrity

Actress Tara Emad Joins Mad Celebrity

06 December 2020

Dear Journalists and Reporters in the Media and Production Companies:
Kindly be informed that Actress Tara Emad has now joined MAD Celebrity’s clients.
Therefore, the company is now exclusively serving as the official and sole management and representation agency for the star, and the only liaison for her in the media outlets and with production companies.

For interviews, information, photos, confirmation of news or any type of communication (contracts, deals, endorsements...etc) with Tara Emad, please contact us at: 

Tara Emad is an Egyptian actress who effortlessly captured the audience’s attention with her dazzling performance since the early stages of her career. Tara made her foray into acting with the TV series Al Jamia'a. She followed that by a number of hit TV series and films such as Adel Emam’s TV series Saheb El Saa'da (2014), Torab El Mas, El Kowayseen, Marwan Hamed’s The Blue Elephant 2 and the thriller film 122. Most recently, Tara starred in the romantic drama W Neheb Tany Leh and Lam'i El Ott TV series and the musical comedy play Aladdin alongside Ahmed Ezz. Tara’s latest works include the TV series Investigation, the first WATCH iT original series.

Prior to starting her acting career, Tara starred in a number of commercials. In 2010, she became the Queen of Africa and won the First Runner Up title alongside Miss Global Teen.