Tara Abboud Joins Disney+'s Series Culprits

Tara Abboud Joins Disney+'s Series Culprits

22 March 2022

After being named, ‘Rising Star of Arab Screen, ’ by critics in international newspapers, the Jordanian-Palestinian actress Tara Abboud was chosen to join the starry cast of Disney+’s upcoming UK original series, ‘Culprits.’ The cast has a string of big names, including Gemma Arterton and Niamh Algar, who previously held the same title.

The eight-part darkly-comedy series of ‘Culprits,’ follows the aftermath of a heist, where the thieves are individually targeted by the same killer. Directed by J Blakeson and being shot in Canada, the series, ‘Culprits,’ has a star-studded cast, including Eddie Izzard, Kirby Howell-Baptiste, Kamel El Basha, Kevin Vidal, and Ned Dennehy

This comes after Tara’s name made headlines in prominent worldwide media outlets, applauding her work in Mohamed Diab's 'Amira,' which received wide recognition from Venice Film Festival audience, where it had its world debut in the festival's Afaq competition and won three awards.

Tara was described by the Italian newspaper, Italy 24 News, as "Zendaya of the Middle East," in reference to the American actress Zendaya Marie Coleman.

Tara Abboud is a Palestinian-Jordanian actress who was named one of Screen International's Arab Stars of Tomorrow in 2020 at the 42nd Cairo International Film Festival. She kicked off her career in the film industry at the age of 10, through several short films, such as Motaz Matar’s film ‘Min Wara Albab,’ and Tima Shomali’s film ‘Log In.’ Following her dazzling performance in the aforementioned roles, Tara played her first leading role in 2009, alongside renowned actor Amer Alkhuffash, in the director Amjad Al Rasheed's ‘Princess of the Mountains.’ These roles were part of directors' graduation projects at the Red Sea Institute of Cinematic Arts.

Abboud then appeared in two other graduation project films by two directors from the SAE Institute in Amman, 12 Centimeters (2014) by Zaid Khaled and Life (2019) by Lynn Awad, both of which won prestigious awards. In addition, she nabbed a role in the Jordanian series, ‘Crossing,’ in which she co-starred with Saba Mubarak in 2019. The series’s storyline is about refugee camps and depicts the daily agony that refugees undergo.