Hagar ElSarrag  MAD Rising Celebrity
 Hagar ElSarrag  MAD Rising Celebrity
 Hagar ElSarrag  MAD Rising Celebrity


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Egyptian Syrian actress Hagar ElSarrag bedazzled the audience in the 2022 Ramadan hit BETLOU AL-ROUH, where she stars as the wife of ISIS leader Omar Al Desouky, played by Ahmed Elsaadany, in the Syrian city of Ar Raqqah.

Hagar gave a striking performance in the series, playing a naive yet rebellious woman who clandestinely does things forbidden for ISIS women, such as smoking, going to the salon, and wearing makeup. However, she is fascinated by her world in Ar Raqqah and by her ISIS leader husband, who has authority over this terrorist cell.

The series screened on MBC and is available on Shahid VIP. It is directed by Kamla Abou Zekry, written by Mohamed Hesham Obayya, and stars Menna Shalaby.

Hagar also studied filmmaking and worked as an assistant producer in the past. She began acting, however, because she wanted to explore the relationship between the director and the actor, so she chose to try being in front of the camera rather than behind it.

In 2022, ElSarrag starred in WATCH IT’s series ETZAN. Additionally, she won the Dear Guest Award for Best Rising Actress.

Following the rapid success she has achieved so far in the realm of TV, she secured roles in two TV series in quick succession — BATN EL HOOT, starring Bassem Samra, Mohamed Farag, Asma Abulyazeid, and Youssef Othman,

Along with WATCH IT’s HALA KHASA, which tackles autism from a new and fresh perspective and stars Taha Desouky in his first leading role and Ghada Adel, among others, with Abdelaziz El Nagar helming the series and Mohab Tarek serving as a scriptwriter.

MAD Rising Celebrity Hagar ElSarrag

Personal Details

Nationality: Syrian
Based In: Egypt
- Arabic
- English

Tv Series

  • 2024 HALA KHASA
  • 2023 BATN EL HOOT
  • 2022 ETZAN