Following Her Remarkable Off-season Success, Lina Sophia To Star In The Ramadan Series Kamel Al Adad

Following Her Remarkable Off-season Success, Lina Sophia To Star In The Ramadan Series Kamel Al Adad

19 March 2023

Lina Sophia BenHamman rose to prominence after starring in a number of successful off-season drama series, and now, she will be adding another notch to her belt when she appears alongside Dina El-Sherbiny in KAMEL AL ADAD (FULL HOUSE), which is set to premiere during the 2023 Ramadan season.

Directed by Khaled El-Halfawy and written by Yusr Taher and Rana Abu Al-Rish, the new series has a star-studded cast that includes Sherif Salama and the veteran actress Esaad Younis.

Ben Hamman's most recent role was that of an adolescent daughter who gets her family entangled in troubles in Amir Ramses' TV series THE AFFAIR. Written by Mohamed El-Hag, THE AFFAIR — which is available on Shahid — stars Khaled El-Nabawy, Aicha Ben Ahmed, Omar El-Shenawy, Sally Shahine, and Mourad Makram.

She also starred in the TV series 45 RULES OF DIVORCE, which was directed by Mostafa Abu Seif and written by Sara Mourad.

Lina is an Egyptian French Moroccan young actress who is fluent in Arabic, French, English, and Spanish. She has been known for her roles in many successful projects by big directors since she was a child, including HEPTA: THE LAST LECTURE, which is the highest-grossing romance film in Egyptian history.

HEPTA: THE LAST LECTURE is based on Mohamed Sadek's best-selling novel of the same name. The film starred Amr Youssef, Yasmine Raeis, Maged El-Kedwany, Ahmed Dawood, Ahmed Malek, and Dina El-Sherbiny, and was written by Wael Hamdy and directed by Hadi El-Bagoury.

Lina has also worked on various successful TV series, including Tamer Mohsen's LATER TONIGHT — a smash hit during the 2017 Ramadan season that starred Eyad Nassar, Arwa Gouda, Hanan Motawie, Mohamed Farag, Ahmed Dawood, and Asma Abulyazeid.

Moreover, she appeared in the TV series FAMILY SIZE — which was directed by Hala Khalil and written by Mohamed Raga'a — alongside veteran actors Yehia El-Fakharany and Mervat Amin.

Lina has been part of a global production as well, landing a role in the thriller film STORY by French Moroccan director Jérôme Cohen-Olivar, in which she acted in French.

Oliver's previous film KANDISHA won numerous awards at several international festivals, including the Bangkok, Brussels, and Amsterdam Fantastic film festivals.