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His rare passion and restless hard work have cemented Tamer Mohsen's name as one of the most distinguished filmmakers in the Arab world. Deeply addressing social and political issues, his work has won rave reviews from both audiences and critics making him a notable key name in the filmmaking industry.

Tamer's rich portfolio varies between directing, writing, editing- among others- of award-winning short films, TV series, feature films and documentaries. His work includes the smash-hit TV series Taht El Saytara (2015), which he directed and co-wrote, Bedoon Zikr Asma (2013), Haza Al Masaa' (2017), and the award-winning short films Al Hafla and To Sleep Peacefully till 07:00 PM.

Mohsen made his debut feature film Ott W Far (Cat and Mouse) (2015), written by the renowned Wahid Hamed, which won several awards.

Furthermore, Tamer delivered a number of advanced workshops on filmmaking at prestigious bodies and he also participated in a five-week series of workshops for TV screenwriters at USC School of Cinematic Arts, University of Southern California (USC). The workshops were held as part of the Middle East Media Initiative (MEMI) that aims to boost the careers of Arabic TV writers and producers from Egypt and the Arab world. In 2018 and 2019, Mohsen directed the anti-drugs ad campaigns for the Fund for Drug Control and Treatment of Addiction (FDCTA) and he was selected as a jury member in the iRead Screenplay Competition, held at the 41st Cairo International Film Festival. He has recently finished directing an episode in the upcoming limited anthology series, Nemra Etnein (This Other Thing), produced by Shahid.net and starring Egyptian actress Nelly Karim and Lebanese actor Adel Karam. His latest serial drama Le’bet Newton (Newton’s Cradle) , headlined by Egyptian actress Mona Zaki, aired in Ramadan 2021 to a tremendous success, recording the highest viewership rates and garnering a wide audience and critical acclaim. It’s currently available on Shahid.net and Watch iT.

Tamer Mohsen Filmmaker, Screenwriter
Social Media Fans
  • 2015 Ott W Far (Cat and Mouse)
  • 2013 Ziyaret Al Qarash Al Hout (The Whale Shark’s Visit)
  • 2009 Aightial El Sadat (Political Crime: Assassination Of Sadat)
  • 2008 Saad Zaghloul: Alzaeim Wazulah (Saad Zaghloul: The Leader And His Shadow)
  • 2007 Aightial Hassan El Banna (Political Crime: Assassination Of Hassan El Banna)
  • 2002 An Tunam Bihudu' Hataa Alssabiea (To Sleep Peacefully Till 07:00 AM)
Tv Series
  • 2021 Le’bet Newton (Newton’s Cradle)
  • 2020 Nemra Etnein: Elly Byseer Bebeirut (The Other Thing: What Happens in Beirut)
  • 2017 Haza Al Masaa (This Evening)
  • 2015 Taht Al Saytara (Under Control)
  • 2013 Bedoon Zekr Asmaa (Not To Mention Any Names)
Awards & Honors
  • 2009 Marionnette (Play): Best Play Award at the 4th Egyptian National Theater Festival.
  • 2004 Al Hafla (Short film): The Shady Abdel Salam award at the 7th Egyptian National Film Festival.
  • 2014 To Sleep Peacefully till 07:00 PM (Short film - graduation project): The Jury Prize at the 18th Egyptian National Film Festival.
  • 2016 Ott W far: Best Debut Film at the Egyptian National Film Festival, Best Debut Film at the Egyptian Cinema Film Association Festival.
  • 2015 Taht El Saytara: DG Award for the Best Director at the Dear Guest Awards, Honors: The Ministry of Social Solidarity, the National Council for Human Rights, the Addiction Treatment and Abuse Fund, the Egyptian Catholic Center for Cinema
  • 2017 Haza Al Masaa: Best TV Series Award at the Cinema Syndicate Awards, Best Director Award at the Cinema Syndicate Awards, Best Screenplay Award at the Cinema Syndicate Awards, Honors: The National Council for Human Rights