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A prominent Egyptian idol, a beauty icon, a Goodwill Ambassador, and an influential public figure, Yousra has reigned supreme across the Egyptian film and entertainment industries for more than 30 years. Since the 1970s, she has been dazzling and influencing audiences across the Arab world with her unforgettable roles in some of the most important films in the history of Egyptian and Arab cinema, amassing multiple awards along with many certificates of appreciation and honors from international film events and festivals worldwide.

Best known for her social activities, Yousra participated in a 16-day campaign to end violence against women and girls, which was organized by the General Secretariat of the League of Arab States in collaboration with the United Nations (UN).

No stranger to fashion, she was selected to be Christian Dior's face in the Middle East.

During the inaugural ceremony of the 1st El Gouna Film Festival in 2017, 3 Daqat (3 Heartbeats) by Abu Ft. Yousra was released leaving behind a phenomenal ongoing success. The song went viral on social media and has been playing at weddings and festive events ever since.

In 2020, Yousra was selected as a member of the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences (The Oscars®), in recognition of her rich cinematic history. In the same year, she was honored at the Arab Satellite Festival and the Negm El Arab Festival, and received the DG Best Actress award for her latest drama Khayanet Ahd, which also received the DG Best TV Series award at the Dear Guest Awards.

In addition, Yousra was featured in the official music clip' Dokki Ya Mazzika' of the 4th El Gouna Film Festival where she launched her 'Hareef Tamsil' (Talented Actor) campaign in collaboration with Orange Egypt. The new service is exclusively dedicated for Orange network users where participants should submit a video playing a character inspired by any of Yousra's famous characters. The winner was selected to perform with her in her new series, Harb Ahlya (Civil War) in Ramadan 2021. The serial drama is written by Ahmed Adel, produced by EL Adl Group and directed by Sameh Abdel Aziz. Furthermore, she took part in the ad campaign for ZED Park alongside a plethora of Arab stars, including: Shereen Reda, Karim AbdelAziz, Nelly Kareem, Tara Emad, Huda El-Mufti, to name a few.

Her latest film Saheb El Maqam premiered on to tremendous success. Directed by Karim El Sobky, the film stars Asser Yassin, Amina Khalil, and Bayoumi Fouad, opposite Yousra who marks her comeback to films since Game Over in 2012. Recently, Yousra finished shooting her new film Leilet El Eid and is working on her upcoming Ramadan Series.

In 2021, Youssra performed in the closing ceremony song Met'ala' Beeky for the fifth edition of El Gouna Film Festival.

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Social Media Fans
  • Soon Lielet El Eid
  • 2020 Saheb Al Maqam (The Honourable)
  • 2012 Game Over
  • 2009 Bobbos
  • 2006 Mateegy Nor'os (Let’s Dance)
  • 2006 Emaret Yaccobian (The Yacoubian Building)
  • 2005 Kalam Fil Hob (Words Of Love)
  • 2005 Dam El Ghazaal (Deer Blood)
  • 2004 Iskendria New York (Alexandria... New York)
  • 2002 Ma'ali Al Wazir (His Excellency the Minister)
  • 2001 Al-Warda Al-Hamra (The Red Rose)
  • 2001 Al-Asefa (The Storm)
  • 1999 Kalam El Leil (Night Chat)
  • 1999 Hassan And Aziza: A Case Of National Security
  • 1998 Resala Ela Al-Wali (A Message To The Governor)
  • 1997 Eish El-Ghoraab (Mushroom)
  • 1996 Nazwa (A Fling)
  • 1996 Teyoor El-Zalaam (Birds Of Darkness)
  • 1994 Al-Mohager (The Immigrant)
  • 1993 Dehk Wa Le'b Wa Gad Wa Hob (Laughter, Games, Seriousness And Love)
  • 1993 Mercedes
  • 1993 Dantilla
  • 1993 Al-Mansi (The Forgotten)
  • 1993 Al Erhab Wi El-Kabab (Terrorism And Kebab)
  • 1992 Emra'a Ayela Lel Soqoot (A Dilapidated Woman)
  • 1992 Al-Shares (The Wicked)
  • 1991 Sayedat Al-Qahira (The Cairo’s Lady)
  • 1991 Al-Ra'i Wal Nisaa (The Shepherd And The Women)
  • 1990 Imr'aa Wahda La Takfi (One Woman Is Not Enough)
  • 1990 Gizeeret El Shaitan (The Devil’s Island)
  • 1990 El Moolid (The Festival)
  • 1989 Kaboos (Nightmare)
  • 1989 Ayam Alghdab (Days Of Anger)
  • 1989 Iskendria Kaman Wi Kaman (Alexandria Again And Forever)
  • 1988 Sarkhet Nadam (A Cry Of Regret)
  • 1988 Emra'a Lel Asaf (Unfortunately A Woman)
  • 1988 Nosharekakom El Farah (We Share Your Joy)
  • 1987 Sekket El Nadama (The Regret Path)
  • 1987 Li Adam Kefayet El Adellah (Insufficient Evidence)
  • 1987 Bostan El Dam (Blood Orchard)
  • 1987 Al Taweeza (The Spell)
  • 1987 Asfoor Laho Aneyaab (A Bird With Fangs)
  • 1987 Al Laeeba (The Player)
  • 1987 Mouad Ma'a El Qadar (A Date With The Destiny)
  • 1986 Wasmet Aar (Stigma)
  • 1986 Al Galsa Al Serriya (The Secret Session)
  • 1986 Al Bedaya (The Beginning)
  • 1986 Abl El Waddaa (Before Goodbye)
  • 1986 Sery Lel Ghaia (Top Secret)
  • 1986 Manzel Al-Aa'ela Al-Masmoma (House Of The Poisoned Family)
  • 1986 Karakoon Fi El Sharea ( A Police Station On The Street)
  • 1985 Shaqat Al Ostaz Hasan (Mr’ Hassan’s Apartment)
  • 1986 Al Gou’a (The Hunger)
  • 1985 Al Saaleeq (The Brats)
  • 1985 Al Ins Wal Gen (Humans And Jinn)
  • 1984 La Tasalny Man Ana (Don’t Ask Me Who I Am)
  • 1983 Iina Rabak Labialmirsad (Thy Lord Is Ever Watchful)
  • 1983 Al Avocato (The Lawyer)
  • 1983 Burj Almadabigh (Tower Of Tanneries)
  • 1983 Darb El Hawa (Love Path)
  • 1982 Al-Tha'r (Vengeance)
  • 1982 Aietida' (Assault)
  • 1982 'Arzaq Ya Dunia (Life's Fortune)
  • 1982 Hadoota Masriyyia (An Egyptian Story)
  • 1982 Ala Bab Al-Wazeer (On The Minister's Door)
  • 1981 Leilat Shitaa Dafeia (Warm Winter Night)
  • 1981 Dema’a A’la El Reda’a El Wardy (Blood On The Pink Dress)
  • 1981 El Insaan Yaeesh Mara Waheda ( People Only Live Once)
  • 1981 Hakamet El Mahkama (The Court Has Ruled)
  • 1981 Bayada
  • 1980 Amal Eh El-Hob Fi Baba (What Did Love Do To Dad)
  • 1980 Azkya’a Lakn Aghbya’a (Intelligent But Stupid)
  • 1980 Dayirat Alshaki (Circle Of Doubt)
  • 1979 El Bent Kebrt (The Girl Has Grown Up)
  • 1979 Ushaq Al-Eshreen ( Under 20 Lovers)
  • 1978 Mayuh Lebent Al'ostaa Mahmud (Swimsuit For Usta Mahmoud's Daughter)
  • 1978 El-Ganna Taht Qadmeha (Heaven Beneath Her Feet)
  • 1978 Aibtisamat Wahidat Takfi (One Smile Is Enough)
  • 1978 Shaitan Elgezira (The Island's Devil)
  • 1978 Kasr Fel Hawa (A Castle In The Air)
  • 1978 Shabab Yarkos Fawqa An-Nar (Young People Dancing Over Fire)
  • 1977 Alf Bwsa W Bwsa (Thousand Kisses)
Tv Series
  • 2021 Harb Ahleya (Civil War)
  • 2020 Khianat Ahd
  • 2018 Ladayna Akwalon Okhra (We Have Further Comments)
  • 2017 El Hesab Ygm3 (A Score To Settle)
  • 2016 Fo'k Mostawa Elshobohat (Above Suspicion)
  • 2014 Saraya Abdeen (Abdeen Palace)
  • 2013 Negdeb Law Qolna Mabenhebesh (We'd Be Lying If We Said We Don't Love)
  • 2012 Sharbat Louz
  • 2010 Bel Shamaa Al-Ahmar (Red Wax)
  • 2009 Khas Giddan (Top Secret)
  • 2008 Fi Aydee Amina (In Good Hands)
  • 2007 Adiyyeit Raie Aam (Public Opinion Issue)
  • 2006 Lahazat Harega (Critical Moments)
  • 2005 Ahlam A'deya (Ordinary Dreams)
  • 2004 Leqa Ala El Hawa (Lekaa' On Air)
  • 2003 Malak Rohi (Malak, My Sweetheart)
  • 2002 Ayna Qalbi (Where Is My Heart)
  • 2000 Awan El Ward (Season Of Flowers)
  • 1996 Hayat El-Gohari
  • 1994 Rafat Al-Haggan
  • 1979 Anf We 3 Eyion (Nose And Three Eyes)
• With such beauty and an impeccable sense of fashion, Yousra got ‎picked by one of the world’s top fashion houses, Christian Dior to be the brand’s Middle East Ambassador.
• Being a fashion icon ‎promoted Yousra’s name to be a judge in different fashion shows like the Arab world version of the ‎famous reality TV show Project Runway Middle East alongside Elie Saab.
A gifted Singer
With her inimitable acting talent, Yousra is also a skilled singer. She has two music albums to ‎her credit and five sensational tracks
A Festival Fixture
Moving from one success to another, Yousra made so many hits in her career ‎making her a versant face at film festivals as most of her works have been screened at ‎almost every international film festival around the world, to name a few:
  • Terrorism and Kebab went to the Milan Film Festival.
  • Birds of Darkness went to the Milan Film Festival and Valencia Film festival.
  • Alexandria... New York was screened at Cannes Film Festival and was nominated for the UnCertain Regard Award.
  • The sprawling success The Yacoubian Building went to many international film festivals including The Berlin International Film Festival, Cannes Film Festival, and Thessaloniki International Film Festival.
Awards & Honors
Through her career, Yousra received a long list of awards for her work, to name a few:
  • 2015 The Achievement in Cinema award at the Arab Women of the Year ceremony in London
  • 2007 The Award for Excellence at the Turin Film Festival
  • 2007 The “ART” Award for Excellence at the Taormina Film Festival
  • 2003 The Honorary Award at the Marrakech International Film Festival
She was also honored at many international film festivals and institutions like:
  • The Cannes Film Festival
  • The Venice Film Festival
  • The Cairo International Film Festival
  • The Beirut International Film Festival
  • The Institut du Monde Arabe (Arab World Institute)
  • The Royal College of Physicians
  • The America Abroad Media (AAM) in Washington, D.C.
  • An Honorary President of the 39th Cairo Film Festival
  • An Advisory Board member at El Gouna Film Festival
  • Appointed as a Jury Member at the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences in recognition of her cinematic history
A Big Warm Heart
  • Best known for her humanitarian work, especially marginalized groups and women in the Arab world, Yousra was chosen as a board member of the Boutros Ghali Foundation for Peace and Knowledge. In 2019, Yousra participated in the 3rd Awladna International Forum for Arts of the Gifted that aims to provide gifted children with special needs with a platform to enrich and showcase their artistic talents and empower them and their families. During the opening ceremony, Yousra performed her new song “Anta Qadha” (You Can Do it) amidst a large number of children with special needs on stage.
  • Within her role as a Goodwill Ambassador, Yousra participated in the opening ceremony of the 16-day campaign under the theme “Orange the World: #HearMeToo; End Violence against Women and Girls” at the General Secretariat of the League of Arab States in collaboration with the United Nation (UN) team concerned with the issues of gender equality and the empowerment of women. She also took part in the 500-500 Ramadan campaign to support cancer patients.
  • The Coptic Orphans, a non-profit organization based in Merrifield, Virginia, thanked her for contributing with her time and effort in helping the children.
  • Yousra received more than 50 awards in recognition of her work as a UNDP Goodwill Ambassador. At a grand celebration held in 2016, the UN selected Yousra as a Regional UNAIDS Goodwill Ambassador as she has been known for her participation in social activities with many civil society organizations. In 2006, she was chosen to be a Goodwill Ambassador by the United Nation Development Program (UNDP).
yousra A Big Warm Heart