Tara Emad MAD Celebrity
Tara Emad MAD Celebrity
Tara Emad MAD Celebrity
Tara Emad MAD Celebrity
Tara Emad MAD Celebrity
Tara Emad MAD Celebrity
Tara Emad
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Tara Emad is an Egyptian actress who effortlessly captured the audience’s attention with her dazzling performance since the early stages of her career. Tara made her foray into acting with the TV series Al Jamia'a (2011), which starred a number of burgeoning actors from across the Arab world. She followed that by a number of hit TV series and films such as Adel Emam’s TV series Saheb El Saa'da (2014), Torab El Mas, El Kowayseen, Marwan Hamed’s The Blue Elephant: Dark Whispers, and the thriller film 122.

In 2017, Tara starred in the TV drama Lam'i El Ott (2017) opposite Mohamed Emam, before taking part in Bein El Sarayat (2015), directed by Sameh Abdel Aziz and starring Bassem Samra and Simone . In 2020, she starred opposite superstar Ahmed Ezz in the musical play Aladdin, along with the romantic series W Neheb Tany Leh (2020), which she co-starred with Yasmin Abdelaziz. Her most recent works include two serial dramas premiered in Ramadan 2021; Mousa opposite Egyptian star Mohamed Ramadan, and Ded El Kasr along with Nelly Karim. She also took part in the Ramadan Gucci show along with a pan-Arab cast of superstars, including: Saba Mubarak, Tamer Habib, Aseel Omran. Inspired by the classic soap operas of the 1980s, Ramadan Gucci is written by Tamer Habib and launched in Ramadan 2021 in collaboration between Gucci and Mille.

Her upcoming projects include: the film Samt (Silence), alongside Mona Hala and Tahqeeq (Investigation), alongside Ahmed Malek and Huda El Mufti.

Prior to starting her acting career, Tara starred in a number of commercials. In 2010, she entered the Miss Global Teen pageant becoming the First Runner-up and won the title of the Queen of Africa.

Throughout her career, Tara has been a brand ambassador of several famous brands including Bvlgari, Michael Oro Jewellery and she did a shoot for Yves Saint Laurent (YSL). Tara is also the ambassador of Pepsico's new initiative “Recycle for Tomorrow” and Juhayna Nuts & Grains.She has also teamed up with the celebrated Azza Fahmy Jewellery trademark, being their brand ambassador for the new 2021 summer collection ‘El Nur’. Additionally, she graced the cover of many top-notch magazines including Haya magazine where she was styled by Gucci, Vogue Arabia, Marie Claire Magazine, and Cosmopolitan. Most recently, she took part in ZED Park ad and participated in the campaign for 500500 Hospital in Ramadan 2021. Tara graced the cover of Laha Magazine, August editions, in collaboration with the prestigious Fendi fashion house

Tara Emad is an Egyptian Actress
Social Media Fans
  • Soon Samt (Silence)
  • 2019 El Feel El Azraq 2 (The Blue Elephant: Dark Whispers)
  • 2018 El Kowayeseen (The Kowayeseen's)
  • 2018 Torab El Mass (Diamond Dust)
  • 2018 122
  • 2018 Alkhrog An Elnas (Out of Context)
  • 2017 Kheir wa Baraka (Good and Prosperous)
  • 2017 Ba'a' al-Batata al-Maghoul (The Unknown Sweet Potato Vendor)
  • 2016 Tofahet Hawa (Eve’s Apple)
  • 2016 El-Haram el-Rabe (The Fourth Pyramid)
  • 2020 2020 Aladdin
Tv Series
  • Soon Tahqeeq (Investigation)
  • 2021 Ded El Kasr (UnBreakable)
  • 2021 Mousa
  • 2019 W Neheb Tany leh (Why Do We Love Again?)
  • 2017 Lamei Al Qott (Lamei The Cat)
  • 2016 Sabaa Benat (The Seven Girls)
  • 2015 Haret El Yahood (The Jews' Alley)
  • 2015 El Salook (The Wretched)
  • 2015 Bein El Sarayat (Between The Palaces)
  • 2014 Dawa'er Hob (Circle of Love)
  • 2014 Saheb Saada (His Excellency)
  • 2012 Zay el Ward (Like Roses)
  • 2011 Al Jamai'a (The University)
Key Endorsements
Tara has been the face for a number of international brands
A Big Warm Heart
  • Tara has been actively using her presence in media and social media platforms to spread awareness about several critical social issues. She has been raising awareness about bullying through her podcast “Bullying Explained” to educate and give helpful ways to deal with bullying and the different types of cyberbullying. Similarly, she devoted her online social media platforms to raise awraeness about sexual harassment and urging women to end their silence and speak up for their rights. Likewise, Tara has been actively raising awareness about animals’ rights to have safe habitat and end animal abuse.
  • For several years, she has been part of H & M's global campaign to raise awareness sheds light on the importance of sustainability, recycling and consciously buying clothes and calls for making more environment-friendly choices while buying or manufacturing clothes. She was part of the shooting of the campaign at Cape Town, South Africa.
  • Tara Emad is also Founder of “Help From Your Heart” charity foundation that aims to help street children and orphans providing them with their basic needs: books, clothes, foods and education.
  • Likewise, Tara has been part of Bvlgari’s celebration of its partnership with “Save the Children”, and the release of the new “Give Hope” campaign.
  • Most recently, Tara has been selected as brand ambassador for PepsiCo’s waste management platform “Recycle for Tomorrow” in 2021. The platform aims to collect 8 million kg of plastic waste of Pepsi Co’s products to recycle them and use them in new industries. Additionally, the platform covers several areas in Cairo, including Manshiyat Nasser, 15th of May, and Izbat Al Nakhl where 1000 of the targeted residents are being employed in the initiative. 20% of the residents employed are women.
Tara Emad A Big Warm Heart