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Tamer Habib is a talented Egyptian scriptwriter who started his career in 2003 with a film that revolutionized Egyptian cinema, Sahar El Laiali. Born and raised in Egypt, Tamer studied at the Faculty of Commerce and he worked as an accountant for two years. However, his passion for cinema led him to apply for studying at the Higher Institute of Cinema.

After many attempts to make it in the industry, Tamer finally got his big break with his well-knit script for Sahr El Laiali in 2003. The star-studded film was a unique story where Tamer brilliantly pushed the boundaries a little bit to discuss what many other writers deemed off-limits. The film was a massive success winning numerous awards and it is until this day a critically acclaimed one.

After such a perfect start, Tamer’s following titles didn’t fail to impress either! In the following year, he wrote his next hit; Hob El Banat featuring Laila Olwi and Hanan Turk among many stars. Two years later in 2006, Tamer wrote his next work featuring everybody’s favorite duo Ahmed El Sakka ad Mona Zaki, An El Ashq Wel Hawa. The duo also starred in Tamer’s next film Taymour Wa Shafika (2007). Other titles by Tamer also are Wahed Saheh (2011), Tamantashar Yom (2011), and Aswar al-Qamar (2015).

Tamer also left his imprint on the small screen with some memorable TV Series like Sharbat Loaz (2012) Tariqi: My Way (2015), Grand Hotel (2016), La Totfe' Al Shams (2017).

Tamer is currently working on a new TV series called La’abat Alnasyan and a remake of Ihsan Abdel Quddous’ masterpiece Anf w Thalath Oyoun and both are slated to be released in 2020.

Tamer habib Egyptian scriptwriter
Social Media Fans
  • Soon Ahl El Eib (The Wrongdoers)
  • Soon Anf w Thalathat Oyoun (A Nose and Three Eyes)
  • 2015 Aswar al-Qamar (The Walls of the Moon)
  • 2011 Wahed Saheh (The Right One)
  • 2011 Tamantashar Yom (18 Days)
  • 2007 Taymour Wa Shafika (Taymour and Shafika)
  • 2006 An El Ashq Wel Hawa (About Love and Passion)
  • 2004 Hob El Banat (Girl's Love)
  • 2003 Sahar El Laiali (Sleepless Nights)
Tv Series
  • 2020 La'abat Alnasyan (Forgetfulness Game)
  • 2017 Halawet El Donia (Life is Beautiful)
  • 2017 La Totfe' Al Shams (The Sun Will Never Set)
  • 2016 Grand Hotel
  • 2015 Tariqi (My Way)
  • 2012 Sharbat Loaz (Sharbat, the Cunning)
  • 2009 Khas Geddan (Very Special)
Awards & Honors
Tamer served as a jury member in several festivals:
  • The RFF-Revart Film Festival, Egypt's first online vertical festival that aims to introduce a modern dimension of creativity to filmmakers during the COVID-19 crisis
  • 2018 The Casablanca Film Festival
  • 2017 The Shnit Worldwide Shortfilmfestival
  • 2016 Faten Hamama Festival