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mad Celebrity Shereen Reda

Shereen Reda

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As a member of one of Egypt’s illustrious families with unparalleled artistic heritage, Shereen Reda exemplifies elegance, grace, fierce prowess, and edge in a world of actors. Shereen began modeling at the age of 11 and turned to acting soon after. In hopes of diversifying her roles and avoiding being type-cast as the elegant, delicate girl, Shereen selectively waits for the right role to amaze her audience, as she so often does, with her edge.

Shereen started her career in the 1990s with films like Nazwa (1996) and Hassan El Lol (1997) with the legendary Ahmed Zaki. After leaving the artistic scene for a while, she made a comeback in 2008 by brilliantly playing the role of a police officer in the film Ashraf Harami.

Still going strong, Reda took part in several hit television series for three consecutive years, such as Al Safa'a (The Slap), Bidoun Zikr Asmaa (Not To Mention Any Names) and Al Morafaa (The Plea). In 2014, she surprised her fans with her memorable role in the blockbuster film The Blue Elephant (2014), which was one of the most successful films of that year in Egypt. In 2015, she stole the spotlight with her powerfully deep performance in the film Out of Order, for which she received a number of awards. Shereen’s latest TV role was in the Ramadan hit Ladaina Akwal Okhra (2018). Previously, she was selected among the jury members of the Best Arab Film competition within its 41st edition of the Cairo International Film Festival. In Ramadan 2021, she took part in the ZED Park ad campaign alongside a star-studded cast featuring Yousra, Nelly Kareem, Karim Abdelaziz, Tara Emad, Huda El-Mufti, to name a few.

She is now working on a number of projects, including: Nemra Etnein TV series, which is helmed by A-list Egytpian directors, such as Tamer Mohsen, Tarek Alarian, Hani Khalifa, and Hadi Elbagoury. The new TV drama is an upcoming original by

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Social Media Fans
  • Soon Amar 14 (Full Moon)
  • 2020 Luxor
  • 2020 Ras El Sana(New Year’s Eve)
  • 2019 El Daif (The Guest)
  • 2019 The Blue Elephant: Dark Whispers
  • 2018 El Kwaissen (The 'Kowess' Family)
  • 2018 Torab El Mas (Diamond Dust)
  • 2017 Photocopy
  • 2016 Hepta: El Mohadra Al Akheira (Hepta: The Last Lecture)
  • 2016 Nawara
  • 2015 Khareg El Khedma (Out of Order)
  • 2014 The Blue Elephant
  • 2008 Ashraf Harami
  • 1997 Hassan Ellol
  • 1996 Nazwa ( A Fling)
Tv Series
  • 2020 Nemra Etnein (This Other Thing)
  • 2020 Leih Laa (Why Not)
  • 2018 Ladayna Akwalon Okhra (We Have Further Comments)
  • 2017 Hagar Gohanam (Hell Stone)
  • 2017 La Totfe' Al Shams (The Sun Will Never Set)
  • 2016 Fo'k Mostawa ElShobohat (Above Suspicion)
  • 2016 Al Mizan (The Balance)
  • 2015 Al Ahd: Al Kalam Al Mubah (The Testament:The Permissible Speech)
  • 2014 Al Morafa'a (The Pleading)
  • 2013 Bedoon Zikr Asma (Anonymously)
  • 2012 Al Safa'a (Smack)
Shereen Reda graced many magazine covers, like Vogue Arabia. She was dressed up by several A-list designers such as Chloe, Louis Vuitton and Givenchy.
Awards & Honors
  • 2018 A Special Award at the Egyptian National Film Festival for Photocopy
  • 2018 Best Actress in a Leading Role at the Egyptian Cinema Film Association Festival for Photocopy
  • 2016 Best Actress at the 20th Egyptian National Film Festival for Out of Order
  • 2016 Best Actress at the 42nd Egyptian Cinema Film Association Festival for Out of Order
  • 2019 a jury member of the Best Arab Film competition at 41st Cairo International Film Festival
A Big Warm Heart
  • Reda has been actively taking part in several social and humanitarian activities in Egypt and across the Arab world. In 2018, she took part in the 500 500 Hospital Donation campaign/Ad. An animal welfare activist, Shreen Reda has been raising awareness about animal rights all over her social media platforms. She initiated a campaign spreading awareness about stray animals by looking after 50 stray cats and dogs. She asked people to volunteer some of their time to help animals in shelters, and instead of buying, she asked them to adopt animals.
  • Moreover, In 2019, she has been selected as Ambassador for the Autism Awareness Campaign #passonTheLight by Egyptian Autistic Society. Reda is currently preparing for a new campaign to raise awareness about cyber-bullying.
Shereen Reda Big Warm Heart