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Rula Nasser is an active Jordanian-Canadian film producer who started her career in the film industry in 1999. Earlier in her career, Rula worked on several International productions for the BBC and the Discovery channels. She later joined the Royal Film Commission of Jordan for five years and established The Filmmaker’s Support Program. In 2011, Rula founded “The Imaginarium Films” company that focuses on discovering local talents and developing an appealing international story embedded in the Arab world.

Having built this vast experience in various areas of production enabled Nasser to produce many local films that participated in several prestigious film festivals around the world. Some of these films are “The Last Friday” which was the first Jordanian film at Berlin international FF 2011, “Waiting for P.O.Box” that was in the official competition of the Cannes Short International Film Festival 2012, “My Love Awaits Me by the Sea” screened at Toronto Film Festival 2013, and much more that took part in over 30 film festivals. Rula also line-produced many international and regional films for Hany Abu Assad, Mijke de Jong, Mia Hansen-Love and Xavier Gianno.

Rula Nasser Jordanian-Canadian Film Producer
As A Producer
  • In Development Hate
  • In Development Jenin I See Soon
  • 2017 Harashef (Scales)
  • 2016 Rashid & Rajab
  • 2016 Kebreet45 (Matchstick 45)
  • 2015 Al Medina (The City)
  • 2015 Al Mona'taf (The Curve)
  • 2014 Al Majlis (The Council)
  • 2013 Habibi Bystnani And Al Bahr (My Love Awaits Me By The Sea)
  • 2012 Falastein, Sandouk Al Intezar Lil Burtuqal (Waiting For
  • 2012 Lama Shoftak (When I Saw You)
  • 2010 Al Joma'a Al Akhira (The Last Friday)
  • 2010 Al Lojou' Al Samet (The Silent Transit)
  • 2009 Transit Cities
As A Line- Producer
  • 2019 Ser Du Månen, Daniel
  • 2019 Khalifat (Caliphate)
  • 2018 Escape From Raqqa
  • 2018 In the Mouth of Shark
  • 2017 L'apparition (The Apparition)
  • 2017 Beck
  • 2017 Maya Film
  • 2017 The Team
  • 2016 Laila M.
  • 2016 Ado'uy Akhi (My Enemy My Brother)
  • 2015 Arab Idol
  • 2015 Arms & Dudes / Wild Dogs
  • 2015 Vlucht Hs 13
  • 2014 Men Alef Ila Baa' (From A To B)
  • 2014 Zinzana (Rattle The Cage)
  • 2014 Toq Al-Isfilt (The Ring of Asphalt)
  • 2012 Al Mokhles (Savior)
Awards & Honors
  • 2019 Tanit Bronze Award at Carthage Film Festival
  • 2019 Verona Film Club Award at Venice Film Festival
The Curve
  • 2017 Golden Reel Award for Best Actor at the Tiburon International Film Festival (TIFF)
The Council
  • 2015 Certificate of Appreciation at the Alexandria Film Festival for Mediterranean Countries
  • 2014 Special Mention at the Dubai International Film Festival (DIFF)
  • 2014 International Documentary Award at the Final Cut in Venice within the Venice Film Festival
My Love Awaits By the Sea
  • 2014 Special Jury Award for Best Feature-length Documentary at the 17th Ismailia International Film Festival for Documentaries and Shorts
  • 2014 Best Documentary Award at the MedFilm Festival
  • 2014 Golden Linx Award for Best Feature Documentary at the New Directors New Films Festival
  • 2014 Grand Prize at the Femina - Festival Internacional de Cinema Feminino
  • 2014 Won Best Feature at Latinarab Film Festival
Last Friday
  • 2012 Special Jury Award at the Fribourg International Film Festival
  • 2012 World Cinema Amsterdam Jury Award at World Cinema Amsterdam
  • 2011 Special Jury Award at the Dubai International Film Festival
  • 2011 Cinema In Motion Award at the San Sebastian International Film Festival
Transit Cities
  • 2011 President Award at the Dialogue of Cultures International Film Festival in New York
  • 2010 FIPRESCI Award for Best Feature Film at the Dubai International Film Festival (DIFF)
  • 2010 Muhr Arab Special Prize Award for Best Feature Film at the DIFF