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With a knack for creativity, a strong sense of style and more than 10 years of experience in the entertainment industry, Egyptian super talented costume designer Reem El Adl has worked with A-list stars and filmmakers. Reem believes that she has to be involved in every aspect of the overall appearance of a character and that the costume designing process is not only about determining the features of a character but also studying characters, even before casting actors.

El Adl designed incredible costumes for more than 30 TV hits, blockbuster films and TV ads that take place in various eras and settings. She brilliantly captured the fashion of the 80s and 90s in the drama film Al Saffah (2009) by director Saad Hendawy, and the 70s in the comedy film Samir wa Shahir wa Bahir (2010).

El Adl also dressed characters in several internationally acclaimed films, such as Hala Khalil’s Nawara (2015) which premiered at Dubai International Film Festival, Mohamed Diab’s Clash (2016), which premiered at Cannes Film Festival, Amr Salama’s Sheikh Jackson (2017) and Ahmad Abdalla’s EXT. Night (2018), which both premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival, in addition to Hadi Elbagoury’s The Guest (2019).

Her distinctive designs played a big role in many TV hits, including Qeset Hob (2010), Al Shawarea Al Khalfeya (2011), Sedna Al Sayed (2012), and Wahet El Ghoroub (2017). Aside from her work in films and TV series, she designed costumes for ads of some of the biggest brands that were among the most-viewed TV ads on YouTube. Reem has wrapped up working on the mini-series Fi Kol Osbu’ Yowm Goma’a by Mohamed Shaker Khodeir. The series is headlined by Asser Yassin and Menna Shalaby. Her upcoming project is designing costumes for the characters in Hisham Abdel Khalek’s international film Jesus and The Others. Most recently, she wrapped up shooting an episode of Shahid’s Nemra2 which is directed by Hadi El Bagouri.

Social Media Fans
  • 2019 Al Daif (The Guest)
  • 2018 Leil Khargi (EXT. Night)
  • 2018 Turning Ten
  • 2017 Nada
  • 2017 Sheikh Jackson
  • 2017 Mawlana (The Preacher)
  • 2016 Eshtebak (Clash)
  • 2016 Ali Me’zah wa Ibrahim (Ali, the Goat and Ibrahim)
  • 2015 Har Gaf Sayfan (Dry Hot Summers)
  • 2015 Nawara
  • 2012 Mesawar Qateel (Snapshot)
  • 2011 Tamantashar Yom (18 Days)
  • 2010 Samir wa Shahir wa Bahir (Samir and Shahir and Bahir)
  • 2010 Telk Al-Ayam (Those Days)
  • 2010 Walad w Bent (Boy and Girl)
  • 2009 Al Saffah (The Murderer)
  • 2008 Waraet Shafra (Code Paper)
  • 2008 Share’ 18 (Street 18)
  • 2007 Kharej Ala El Kanoun (Outside the Law)
  • 2005 Oreed Khol'an (I Want a Divorce)
Tv Series
  • Soon Nemra Etnein (Number Two)
  • 2020 Fi Kol Osbu’ Yowm Goma’a (Every Week Has A Friday)
  • 2017 Wahet El Ghoroub (Sunset Oasis)
  • 2016 Al Khoroug (The Exit)
  • 2014 Segn El Nesa (Women's Prison)
  • 2014 Tofahet Adam (Adam’s Apple)
  • 2013 Al Daeya (The Preacher)
  • 2012 Sedna Al Sayed (Our Master)
  • 2011 Al Shawarea Al Khalfeya (The Back Streets)
  • 2010 Qeset Hob (Love Story)
  • 2009 Al-Adham
Awards & Honors
  • 2017 Best Costume Design Award for Nawara at the Egyptian Cinema Film Association Festival
  • 2017 Best Costume Design award for Nawara at the Arabian Cinema Awards (ACA)
  • 2017 Best Costume Designer for Clash at the Arabian Cinema Awards (ACA)
  • 2017 Best Costume Design for Wahet El Ghoroub TV series at the Cinema Syndicate Awards (CSA)
A Big Warm Heart
    In the light of the growing COVID-19 crisis, Reem El Adl launched an initiative inviting fashion designers to contribute to filling the deficit facing the medical sector by manufacturing cloth face masks through her Facebook account. The concept behind this call is to dedicate these masks for free to ordinary users so that the medical and n95 masks are saved to the medical personnel for their essential uses.
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