Summer Shesha  MAD Rising Celebrity
Summer Shesha  MAD Rising Celebrity
Summer Shesha  MAD Rising Celebrity
Summer Shesha  MAD Rising Celebrity
Summer Shesha  MAD Rising Celebrity
Summer Shesha  MAD Rising Celebrity


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A Saudi actress, writer, and director, Summer Shesha is among the young pioneers of the Saudi Cinema Scene. She played a significant role in supporting the young and talented actors in Saudi Arabia by joining hands with local initiatives. In addition, throughout her career, Summer managed to establish her name as a distinguished talent with remarkable roles in big-name projects of films, TV series, as well as plays.

In 2016, Shesha landed her first leading role through the short film Jeddah After Midnight, directed by Abdulelah AlQurashi. One year later, she starred in Exit 5, directed by Khaled Nader Shah, and screened at several international festivals. In this film, Shesha played the role of a Saudi divorced woman whose attempts to move on with her life are hindered by social traditions and taboos.

In 2020, Shesha made a guest appearance in The Book of Sun, which is written and directed by the Saudi filmmaker Faris Godus. The film was expected to open at the 1st edition of Red Sea International Film Festival (2020), however, due to COVID-19 pandemic, the festival was cancelled. Shesha also took part in the two series; Kawkab Akhar by Faris Godus, and Bashar 1, by Ali AlSumaiyen.

Shesha’s most recent works include the two thriller films Kayan and Maskoon that landed their world premiere at the first edition of Red Sea International Film Festival in 2021. Directed by Hakeem Jomah and co-produced by Film Clinic and MBC Group, Kayan is a feature film that stars Aymen Mutahar besides Summer Shesha.

On the other hand, the short film Maskoon is a co-production between Saudi Arabia and USA. It is directed by Saudi Lina Malaika, and the American actor and Oscar-nominee David Darg. Produced by Carla DiBello and Arabia Plus, the film stars American actress Paris Verra alongside Shesha.

Moreover, Summer’s new TV series Jameel Jedan is now available on Shahid streaming platform Summer Shesha started her career in the school theatre and family events. She then moved to the in-dependant art scene. Be it Indi-Movies, TV dramas, or street theatre, she followed her passion for art wherever it took her. Summer beholds a growing interest in performing art, and human nature which led her to explore different realms of expression and creation. Just like her name, Summer, she embraces all forms of arts and shimmers wherever she sets foot.

From acting, directing, and writing to musical performance, Summer explores all forms of art with a brave heart and a strong conviction that with every step, she is opening up the door for many young Saudis to follow.

She landed leading roles in a number of one-act plays, including I am forgotten and it’s unfair, and the musical monologue Boredom Party. Shesha also collaborated with Saudi actress and director Fatima AlBanawi in the two plays; Straight Circle and I Am You.

Summer Shesha took part in acting training workshops at New York Film Academy and other independent acting studios in Los Angeles, at Studio Zat and Luke Lehner in Egypt, as well as a Professional Acting Skills workshop at the University of Southern California (USC), and a theatre workshop in Kuwait.

On another level, Summer is quite a young woman of substance, a lady with a cause. Leading and joining efforts with local Saudi art initiatives, she is keen on building on encouraging and inspiring young talents in the Kingdom. In collaboration with Alf Wad Space (Fatima AlBanawi), Shesha organized and managed a series of events with an aim to establish a solid community for actors and filmmakers, a general boost to the art realm in Saudi Arabia.

In 2022, Summer Shesha scooped the Golden Palm award for her role in the film Kayan at the eighth edition of the Saudi Film Festival.

Shesha’s latest work in drama include the TV series Jameel Jeddan, which she co-starred with Sarah Taibah and Saad Aziz. The series is now available on the Shahid streaming platform. Recently, Shesha made an impressive appearance at the 2022 Cannes Film Festival.

Summer’s movie Kayan, that was nominated to many awards in Saudi Film Festical, was released in Saudi cinemas on September 15th

MAD Rising Celebrity Summer Shesha

Personal Details

Nationality: Saudi
Based In: Saudi Arabia
Passport: Saudi
- Arabic
- English


  • 2022 Kayan
  • 2021 Maskoon
  • 2020 The Book of Sun
  • 2017 Exit 5
  • 2016 Jeddah After Midnight


  • I am forgotten
  • It’s Unfair
  • Boredom Party
  • Straight Circle
  • I Am You

Tv Series

  • 2022 Jameel Jedan
  • 2019 Kawkab Akhar
  • 2017 Bashar 1