Hakeem Jomah Stars In Shahid’s Slave Market

Hakeem Jomah Stars In Shahid’s Slave Market

19 March 2023

Hakeem Jomah recently appeared in the ninthe episode, which takes place in Saudi Arabia, of Shahid's original series SLAVE MARKET.

The thriller series is set in the early 20th century and features five stories of different characters from various locations who all fall victim to slavery during an era when slavery was legal.

The series — directed by Lassaad Oueslati and written by Heba Mashari Hamada — features an international cast that includes Fayez Bin Jurays, Alanoud Saud, Hashim Najdi, Nawaf Al-Dhafairi, Haneen Turkistany, Nezar Alsulimany, and Saeed Al-Qahtani.

Apeksha Porwal, Sanchi Rai, Aishwarya Shanker, Kanak, Shannon Gaskin, Lauren Elise Thomas, Chris J Gordon, Avant Strangel, Natasha Choufani, and Nick Cornwall round out the international cast.

Jomah's most recent project is the film KING OF THE RING, which held its world premiere at the second Red Sea International Film Festival. The film is directed by Mohammed Saeed Harib and stars Yasin Ghazzawi, Faisal Al-Kurdi, Salma Abu Deif, Mohammed Lotfy, and Shadi Alfons.

Prior to that, he appeared in the American series LAST NIGHT, which was recently released on Shahid and Peacock.

Hakeem Jomah is an actor, writer, and filmmaker. He is a medical doctor by education and an actor by passion who has established himself as a pioneer in Saudi cinema.

He is best known for starring in, writing, and producing the horror film MADAYEN, which was screened at 11 international film festivals and won nine awards. His short film DON'T GO TOO FAR was screened at the Cannes International Film Festival’s Short Film Corner in 2018. Hakeem also starred in several TV shows, such as RASHASH, KIDNAP, and MANHO WALADNA.

As a director, Jomah participated in the inaugural edition of the Red Sea International Film Festival in December 2021 with his film KAYAN, which was produced by Film Clinic and MBC Studios and held its world premiere at the festival.

Following that, he took part in the Saudi Film Festival with the same film, winning a couple of awards, including the Best Actress Award for Summer Shesha’s performance and the Best Sound Design Award.