Mayan El Sayed MAD Rising Celebrity
Mayan El Sayed MAD Rising Celebrity
Mayan El Sayed MAD Rising Celebrity
Mayan El Sayed MAD Rising Celebrity
Mayan El Sayed MAD Rising Celebrity


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Mayan El Sayed is a rising star whose exceptional talent placed her name among the most sought-after young actresses by key directors and stars. This is evidenced by her remarkable presence in three TV hits during Ramadan 2021; Hajma Murtada (Counterattack) by director Ahmad Alaa Aldeeb; starring Ahmed Ezz and Hend Sabry, Le’bet Newton (Newton’s Cradle) by Tamer Mohsen and starring Mona Zaki, and Harb Ahliya (Civil War) by director Sameh Abd El-Aziz; starring Youssra, as well as her new film Al Mahkama (The Court) by director Mohamed Amin, starring Mahmoud Abdel Moghny.

Mayan has always had a flair for acting. At the age of 16, she made it into many auditions through which she starred in two series screened during Ramadan in 2016; Abu Al-Banat, starring Mostafa Shaban and Al-Moghany, starring Mohamed Mounir.

Starring alongside A-list stars in her earliest appearances has privileged Mayan to quickly gain the confidence that got her bigger roles later on, as she starred in El Ab El Rohi S1 (The Godfather) TV series by Peter Mimi followed by her role as Ayten alongside Yasser Galal in Zel El Raees (The President's Shadow) that was a huge success during its premiere on TV in 2017.

Mayan made her first cinematic appearance through the box-office hit Harb Karmooz in 2018, starring opposite Amir Karara and marking her second collaboration with director Peter Mimi. Despite playing a small role, Mayan landed a remarkable performance starring the opening scene for the film, which played a key role in the unfolding events of the film. Before that, she took part in Kaeno Embareh TV series by late director Hatem Ali, who chose her for her astonishing performance in Zel El Raees. The series achieved tremendous success despite being premiered off Ramadan’s drama season. Mayan played the role of Laila, whom the series fans showed a strong attention to through their comments on the social media platforms.

Afterwards, Mayan presented a variety of roles within big-budget and successful productions that include the comedy series Fekra B'million Geneh, starring Ali Rabi and Viu's first original, the horror series Zodiac followed by her starring role in Banat Sanawy film in 2020.

Mayan is currently a Theatre and Film student at the American University in Cairo (AUC). She seeks to present more serious and comedy roles that balance between quality and popularity.

mad rising celebrity Mayan El Sayed

Personal Details

Nationality: Egyptian
Based In: Cairo
Passport: Egypt
- Arabic (Egyptian, Lebanese, Syrian)
- English
- Learning: French


  • 2020 Banat Sanawy (High School Girls)
  • 2018 Harb Karmouz (The Battle of Karmouz)

Tv Series

  • 2021 Harb Ahliya (CivilWar)
  • 2021 Le’bet Newton (Newton’s Cradle)
  • 2021 Hajma Murtada (Counter Attack)
  • 2019 Fekra Bi Million Geneh (A Million Pounds Worth Idea)
  • 2019 Zodiac
  • 2018 El Ab El Rawhi 2 (The God Father 2)
  • 2018 Ka’eno Embarh (As If it Was Yesterday)
  • 2017 El Ab El Rawhi (The God Father)
  • 2017 Zel El Raes (The President’s Shadow)
  • 2016 Al Moghany (The Singer)
  • 2016 Abu AL Banat (Father of His Daughters)