MAD Celebrity Kinda Alloush
MAD Celebrity Kinda Alloush
MAD Celebrity Kinda Alloush
MAD Celebrity Kinda Alloush

kinda alloush

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Whether it is her impeccable acting talent or her sweet looks, Kinda Alloush has successfully become one of the most famous actresses in the Arab world. After completing her studies in Theater Criticism at the Higher Institute for Dramatic Arts in Damascus, Kinda made a brief foray into theatrical direction before she made her foray into acting in 2005. Her debut in TV drama was in Ashwak Naaeima (2005). In the same year, she appeared in Ahkad Khafeya, alzzahir Bybrs and Nizar Qubani TV series, which all premiered to a huge success.

Her talent seemed to attract a large number of film auteurs across the Arab world immediately as she took part in several Arab films and TV dramas. Her first role on the silver screen was in the Jordanian film The Strangers (2009).

In 2009, it seemed to be the year where Kinda held all the aces. She appeared in the Egyptian TV hit Hedou' Nesbi, starring along with a large number of Arab TV stars, and appeared in the Egyptian blockbuster Welad El-Am opposite Egyptian superstars Kareem Abdelaziz, Sherif Mounir, and Mona Zaki, which catapulted her fame in Egypt.

This was followed by a string of notable works in Egyptian cinema and TV dramas across the Arab world. Her long list of notable TV works include: Ahl Cairo (2010), Niran Sadeeka (2013), Al Ahd (El Kalam El Mobah) (2015), and her most remarkable films include: Brtita (2012), Al-Maslaha (2012), Excuse My French (2014), and the highest-grossing romantic film in the history of Egyptian cinema Hepta: The Last Lecture (2016), to name a few. Kinda is starring in an upcoming TV Drama, Ilaa Ana, by director Mohamed Osama. The new TV series consists of six different stories with 10 episodes for each and Kinda is featured in a story titled “Dai El Amar”. She also launched #Kinda_Diwan initiative in collaboration with Diwan Bookstore to spread the culture of reading among individuals at the times of self-quarantine.’

This is not Kinda’s first of its kind collaboration, as she has joined several campaigns and initiatives by charity and cultural organizations; #LightACandle initiative, powered by Candle of Hope application,a campaign to take a pause from counting Coronavirus cases to count lit candles for each country instead, #Kheerak_Yefreq, powered by Voices in support of Refugees and the UNHCR in support of refugees, and Apta_Advice_Egypt to spread knowledge among mommies on raising kids and give them the best nourishment and healthy diets.

Kinda Alloush Syrian Actress
Social Media Fans
  • Soon Balaleen (Balloons)
  • 2017 El-Asleyeen (The Originals)
  • 2016 Hepta: El Mohadra Al Akheira (Hepta: The Last Lecture)
  • 2014 Betawqit Elqahera (Cairo Time)
  • 2014 La Mo'akhza (Excuse My French)
  • 2012 Al-Maslaha (The Deal)
  • 2012 Bartita (Unruly Friends)
  • 2011 Wahid Saheeh (The Right One)
  • 2011 Al-Fgomi (Al Fajoumi: Ahmed Fouad Negm)
  • 2009 Youm Sedour El Hokm (The Day of Sentence)
  • 2009 Welad El-Amm (The Cousins)
  • 2009 Mara Okhra (Once Again)
  • 2008 Halawet El Rouh (The spirit’s Beauty)
  • 2007Hadetha A'la El Tareeq (Accident on the Road)
  • 2007 Shaghaf (Passion)
  • 2009 Alghurba' (The Strangers)
  • 2012 33 Youm (33 Days)
Tv Series
  • Soon Ilaa Ana (Except Me)
  • Soon Ma La Yuerifuh Alrijal (What Men Do Not know)
  • 2018 Waklinaha walea (sbae sanayae) (On Fire (Multi-Talented))
  • 2017 Ahl Al Gharam 3 (People Love S3)
  • 2017 Hagar Gohanam: Black Widows (Hell Stone)
  • 2016 Afrah AlQoba (Celebrations of Al-Qobba)
  • 2015 Esteefa (Duty Officer)
  • 2015 Al Ahd: Al Kalam Al Mubah (The Covenant)
  • 2014 Dalaa Banat (Girls' Indulgence)
  • 2014 A'd Tanazoly (Countdown)
  • 2014 Elsabaa Wasaya (The Seven Commandments)
  • 2013 Sanaoud Baad Kalil (We Will Be Right Back)
  • 2013 Neeran Sadeeqa (Friendly Fire)
  • 2012 Wilada Min Alkhasira 2 (Born from the Flank 2)
  • 2012 Ala Kaf 'Afreet (On Tipping Point)
  • 2012 Albaltaji (The Bully)
  • 2012 Banat El-Aela (Family Girls)
  • 2011 Wiladah Min Al-Khasira ((Born from the Flank))
  • 2011 Al A'shk El Haram (A Taboo Adore)
  • 2012 Al Khafafish (The Bats)
  • 2010 Ahl Cairo (Cairo's People)
  • 2010 El Habib El Awlany (First Lover)
  • 2010 El Bok'a El Soda (The Black Spot)
  • 2010 Haret Al Yaqout (Sapphire Lane)
  • 2010 Matloub Rejal (Wantd Men)
  • 2009 Hidou Nisbee (Relative Serenity)
  • 2009 Sahabat Saif (Summer Cloud)
  • 2009 A'la Qayd El Hayah (Alive)
  • 2009 Sera'a El Mal (Money Struggle)
  • 2008 Bok'et Dao'e 6 (Spot Light 6)
  • 2008 Heek Etjwazna (We Got Married Like This)
  • 2008 Ra'ehat Al Matar (The Smell of Rain)
  • 2008 Altajli Al'akhir li Ghaylan Aldamashqi (The Last Transfiguration of Ghaylan Al-Dimashqi)
  • 2008 Khabar A'ajel (Breaking News)
  • 2008 Wajh El A'dala (Face of Justice)
  • 2008 Youm Momter Akhar (Another Rainy Day)
  • 2007 Fajr Akhar (Another Dawn)
  • 2007 Sultana
  • 2007 Zel Amra'a (A shadow of A Woman)
  • 2007 Alaijtiah (The Invasion)
  • 2006 Hassiba
  • 2007 Gonon El Asr (The Madness of the Era)
  • 2005 'Ashwak naaeima (Soft Thorns)
  • 2006 Ahqad Khafiyah (Hidden Grudges)
  • 2005 Al Zaher Baybars
Awards & Honors
  • An award for her role in the TV drama Hidou Nisbee
  • Murex D’Or Award for Best Actress in 2010 for Ahel Cairo
  • Excellence Award for Niran Sadeeqa at the Oscar ART in 2013
  • Jury Member of the Freedom Films competition at the Luxor African Film Festival
  • Juror at the Tropfest Arabia Short Film Festival
  • Honored at the Oscar ART for her work in 2013