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Huda El Mufti is a prominent Egyptian actress. She rose to fame after starring in Haza Al Masaa (This Evening) by Tamer Mohsen in Ramadan 2017. Her spontaneity as an actress drew the attention of the audiences and filmmakers alike, which subsequently landed her different roles in films and TV dramas.

Huda studied Drama and Theatre Criticism at The Faculty of Arts, Ain Shams University. She started her career as a model and fashion blogger at the age of 17. She made it to many auditions through which she could appear in several TV ads. This allowed her to rub shoulders with some of Egypt's most prominent directors.

In 2017, she was considered to play the role of Nadine in Haza Al Masaa (This Evening) by Tamer Mohsen, which marked her breakthrough as an actress. Subsequently, Huda landed two TV hits; Ladayna Akwalon Okhra (We Have Further Comments) (2018), alongside Egyptian superstars Yousra and Shereen Reda; and Ka'eno Embareh (Like It Was Yesterday) (2018).

In 2019, El Mufti starred in the five-episode- story, Ma Teegy Ya Meligy, in the multiple-themed TV drama Naseeby W Esmetak (My Destiny, Your Fate) by direct Mostafa Fekry and screenwriter Amr Mahmoud Yassin. Huda captivated the audience one more time with her exquisite portrayal of Khadija, the well-off girl who falls in love with a physically impaired writer.

In 2020, Huda El Mufti made her debut on the silver screen through Ras El Sana (New Year's Eve); written by Mohamed Hefzy and directed by Mohamed Sakr, and Banat Sanawy (High School Girls) by director Mahmoud Kamel and writer Ayman Salama. In Ramadan 2020, she starred in Valentino TV drama, opposite the legendary Adel Imam.

Huda’s latest works include the first Egyptian Netflix original series Paranormal by Amr Salama, Nemra Etnein with Ahmed Malek and Menna Shalaby on and the comedy-fantasy film, Dido, with Karim Fahmy, which was released in Eid El Fitr 2021. In addition to that, her film Fare’ Khebra where she co-stars Mohamed El-Sharnuby, released in cinemas. Huda was featured in Vodafone’s new ad; the music video “El Donia Betoro’s”, opposite superstar Amr Diab, marking his first song to be released in summer 2021. The video is written by Malak Adel, composed by Mohamed Yahya, and directed by Tarek Alarian. Furthermore, she was featured in the closing ceremony song of the fifth edition of El Gouna Film Festival Met'ala' Beeky in 2021.

Currently, she is shooting her film Amohom, directed by Hussein El Menbawy and written by Wessam Sabry, as well as film A Few Hours in One Day, by Othman Abu Laban, based on Mohamed Sadek's novel of the same title.

Aside from films, Huda El Mufti is working on the new series Bimbo where she will be co-starring Ahmed Malek, Hassan Malek, Sarrah Abdelrahman and singer Wegz. The series is directed by Amr Salama, written by Mohamed Adeeb and produced by Mohamed Hefzy, and it is set to be released on She is also working on another new TV series, Investigation (Tahqeeq), which is set to premiere soon on WATCH iT. Directed by Mohamed Fathy (Shank) and written by Mohamed El Dabbah, the series also starsAhmed Malek, Tara Emad, May Elghety, Zeinab Ghareeb and Tarek Abdelaziz.

In addition to that, her upcoming films include the highly-anticipated Kira & El Gin by Marwan Hamed. Based on Ahmed Mourad's best-selling novel, 1919, the film stars Karim Abdel Aziz, Ahmed Ezz, Hend Sabry, and Ahmed Malek.

Besides films and TV series, Huda has been having a significant presence in many key magazines including: Vogue Arabia, Identity Magazine, and has graced the cover of Elle Arabia Magazine where she was styled by the prestigious Gucci.

Huda also took part in many high-end brands’ ad campaigns like the well-known Dior’s perfumes campaign where she was among the representatives of Tobacolor fragrance and ZED Park ad in Ramadan 2021. The Ad featured her among an A-list cast of stars including Yousra, Nelly Karim, Karim Abdelaziz, Shereen Reda, to name a few. Moreover, she has become the face of Puma's "Cruise Rider" collection.

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  • 2021 Fare’ Khebra (Difference in Experience)
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  • Soon Bimbo
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  • 2018 Kaeno Embareh (Like It Was Yesterday)
  • 2017 Haza Al Masaa (This Evening)
Huda established for herself a stunning career path as a model and fashion blogger since she was 17 year old. She was dressed by a number of high-profile fashion designers in Egypt and beyond.