MAD Celebrity Hana Shiha
MAD Celebrity Hana Shiha
MAD Celebrity Hana Shiha


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Born to a family of artists with Lebanese-Egyptian roots, it was natural for Hana Shiha to develop a unique taste for art in all its forms since her early childhood, which later helped her in picking up diverse roles that flaunted her acting skills. Her acting debut was in Hobena El Kebeer TV series (200), while her name was catapulted to stardom through blockbuster films; Hob El Banat (2003), Dars Khosousi (2005), and director Mohamed Khan's Before the Summer Crowds (2015). Her latest film is El Deezel, where she stars opposite Egyptian star Mohamed Ramadan.

Hana is one of the most frequently present stars during the celebrated Ramadan drama season. During the past 10 years, she starred in: Ard El Nefaq, Zel Al Ra'es, Al Ahd: Al Kalam Al Mubah (2015), Al-Saba' Wasaya (2014), Moga Harra, Taraf Talet, and Share' Abdel Aziz. During Ramadan 2020, she starred in the thriller TV drama Shahed Ayan, opposite Hassan Radad.

Hana Shiha
Social Media Fans
  • 2019 El Deezel
  • 2019 Eyar Nary (Gunshot) – Guest star
  • 2015 Qabl Zahmat El Seif (Before the Summer Crowds)
  • 2013 Amir Wa Rehlet Al Asateer (Amir and the Journey of Legends) – Animation
  • 2013 Abl El Rabe'a (Before Spring)
  • 2005 Dars Khosousi (Private Lesson)
  • 2004 Hob El Banat (Girls' Love)
Tv Seriesb
  • 2020 Shahid Eyan (Eyewitness)
  • 2019 Badal El Hadouta Talata (Three Stories) – Guest Star
  • 2019 Nasibi Wa Qesmitik3 (My Fate, Your Desitny3) 2018 – Ard El Nefaq (Land of Hypocrisy
  • 2017 El Toofan (The Flood)
  • 2017 Nasibi Wa Qesmitik (My Fate, Your Destiny)
  • 2017 Zel El Ra'ees (The President's Shadow)
  • 2015 Al Ahd: Al Kalam Al Mubah (The Covenant: The Permissible Speech)
  • 2015 El Boyoot Asrar (Homes Have Secrets)
  • 2014 Elsaba'a Wasaya (The Seven Commandments)
  • 2014 Al Hikr
  • 2013 Moga Harra (Heat Wave)
  • 2012 Ala Kaf Afreet (On Tipping Point)
  • 2012 Taraf Talet (Third Party)
  • 2012 Romanseya Bel Araneb – Radio
  • 2011 Mosharrafa: Ragol Lehaza Al-Zaman (Mosharrafa: A Man for This Time)
  • 2011 Sharea Abdel Aziz (Abdel Aziz Street)
  • 2010 Beit El E'yla (Family's Home) – Sitcom
  • 2009 Ragel Wa Set Setat – Season 4 (A Man and Six Women) – Guest Star
  • 2009 Hema Fel Bareema (Hema and the Drill) – Radio
  • 2009 Khas Geddan (Very Private)
  • 2009 Hekayat W' Ben'eshha: Magnoon Laila (Crazy About Laila)
  • 2009 El Donya Lonha Bambi (Life is Happy Hues)
  • 2009 El Eyada (The Clinic) - Sitcom – Guest Star
  • 2008 Qabd El Reeh - Radio
  • 2008 7 Share'a Al Saada (7 Love Street)
  • 2008 Ayam El Ro'b Wel Hob (Days of Terror and Love) - Radio
  • 2008 Afareet Hussein Emam (Demons of Hussein Emam)
  • 2007 Yetraba Fe Ezzao (Raised in His Wealth)
  • 2007 Salah Al Khair - Radio
  • 2006 Mubarah Zawgeya (Match for Couples)
  • 2005 N'atazer An Haza Al Helm (Pardon Us, for We Had a Dream)
  • 2002 Teyour El Shams (Sun Birds)
  • 2001 El Bar El Gharbi (Western Mainlnd)
  • 2000 Hobina El Kebeer (Our Love)
  • 2000 Wagaa El Bo'ad (Pain of Parting)
Awards & Honors
  • 2019 A Jury Member of Horizons of Arab Cinema Competition at Cairo International Film Festival
  • 2017 Honored by Tripoli Film Festival for her role in Before the Summer Crowds
  • 2015 A Jury Member at Alexandria Film Festival for Mediterranean Countries
  • 2014 An Award for her role in Saba'a Wasaya at Port Said Festival for Arabian Drama
  • 2014 DG Best Actress Award for her role in Saba'a Wasaya at DearGuest Festival
A Big Warm Heart
    Hana has actively joined several humanitarian campaigns and she continuously supports social causes. Since the catastrophic explosion that ripped through Lebanon, Shiha has been supporting the Lebanese community on her social media channels. Likewise, she supported the Blackout Tuesday in solidarity with the BlackLivesMatter movement, which ensued after the death of George Floyd incident. In 2018, Shiha took part in the 500 500 Hospital Donation Campaign/Ad.
Nour Actress Big Warm Heart