MAD Celebrity Amr Youssef
MAD Celebrity Amr Youssef
MAD Celebrity Amr Youssef
Amr Youssef
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With well-thought-out and steady moves, the Egyptian star Amr Youssef managed to find his place among the most well-known actors in Egypt in only a few years. After appearing in several music videos and TV commercials, Amr made his acting debut in season one of El Daly TV series when producer Mohamed Fawzy introduced him to Nour El Sherif and he played the role of the journalist, Adham Fares, and continued until season three in 2011.

Following this, Amr’s career took off as he starred in many hit films like Wahid Saheeh (2011), Rad Fe'l (2011), Welad Rizk (2015), Hepta: The Last Lecture (2016), Kedbet Kol Youm (2016), and Welad Rizk 2: A'wdat Osoud Al-Ard (2019). Amr’s repertoire also includes many successful TV dramas like Al Mowaten X (2011), Niran Sadeeqa (2013), Grand Otel (2016), the first Egyptian series to show on Netflix, Tayea' (2018) and many more.

Last year, Amr starred in Welad Rizk 2: A'wdat Osoud Al-Ard, which achieved more than 88 million EGP and was one of the 3 most-grossing films of 2019 in Egypt. Currently, he is busy working on a line-up of anticipated works that are slated to be released in 2020, like the films Top Secret, Aeaza Alwalad, Beet Shams, and Ali El Ze'baq and the TV series Nemra Etnein.

Amr Youssef Egyptian Actor
Social Media Fans
  • 2019 Welad Rizk 2: A'wdat Osoud Al-Ard (Sons of Rizk 2)
  • 2016 Al-Thaman (The Price)
  • 2016 Kedbet Kol Youm (A Lie For Everyday)
  • 2016 Hepta: El Mohadra El Akhyra (Hepta: The Last Lecture)
  • 2015 Welad Rizk (Sons of Rizk)
  • 2014 El Harb El A'lameya El Talta (World War III)(Guest Star)
  • 2012 Bartita (Unruly Friends)
  • 2011 Rad Fe'l (Reaction)
  • 2011 Wahid Saheeh (The Right One)
  • 2010 Nour Einy (Light of My Eyes)
  • 2009 Maklab Haramiya (Cheating Thieves)
  • 2006 Al-Hawaa (On Air)
Tv Series
  • Soon Nemra Etnein (Number Two)
  • 2018 Tayea'
  • 2017 Asham Iblis (Devil's Wish)
  • 2016 Grand Otel (Grand Hotel)
  • 2015 Zarf Aswad (The Black Envelope)
  • 2015 Esteefa (Duty Officer)(Guest Star)
  • 2014 A'd Tanazoly (Countdown)
  • 2013 Niran Sadeeqa (Friendly Fire)
  • 2013 Zain (Guest Star)
  • 2012 Al Montaqem (The Avenger)
  • 2012 Taraf Talet (Third Party)
  • 2011 Ragel wa Sitt Sittat 8 (Man and Six Women 8) (Guest Star)
  • 2011 El Daly Season 3
  • 2011 Al Moatn Ex (Citizen X)
  • 2011 Nona Al Maazona (Nouna, the Lady Marriage-Officiant)
  • 2010 El Ota El A'amya (Blind Cat)
  • 2010 Lahazat Harega 2 (Critical Moments 2)(Guest Star)
  • 2010 A'yza Atgwez (I Want to Get Married) (Guest Star)
  • 2009 Hanem Bint Basha (Hanim the Pasha's Daughter)
  • 2008 Nasser
  • 2008 El Daly Season2
  • 2007 El Daly Season1
Awards & Honors
  • The Murex D’Or Award in 2017 for Grand Otel
  • The NRJ Egypt Cup award for Best Actor for Tayea'
  • Best Arab Actor in a TV role at the Egyptian Catholic Center Cinema Festival for Tayea'
  • Jury Member of the short film competition at the semi-final judging events of the 46th International Emmy Awards