MAD Celebrity Ali Suliman
MAD Celebrity Ali Suliman
MAD Celebrity Ali Suliman
MAD Celebrity Ali Suliman

Ali Suliman

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Ali Suliman is one of the most prominent Arab actors in the international film industry. This is evidenced by his dominant presence across the 2021’s international festivals with a slew of remarkable works, including Amira (2021) by director Mohamed Diab at the Venice International Film Festival, Huda’s Salon (2021) by director Hany Abu Assad and Jordanian film Farha by director Darin J. Sallam at the Toronto International Film Festival, as well as Al Naher (The River) by director and writer Ghassan Salhab at the Locarno International Film Festival. Additionally, Suliman recently worked on Terrence Malick’s latest film The Way of Wind, and British film The Swimmers by director Sally El-Husseiny.

Suliman has previously worked on more than 50 films with high-profile directors and producers across the Arab world, Europe, and the US, including director Hany Abu Assad in his breakthrough film Paradise Now (2005) — which marked Palestine's first-ever nomination for an Academy Award in the Best Foreign Language Feature Film Category — well-known director Ridley Scott in Body of Lies (2008), Peter Berg in The Kingdom (2007) and Lone Survivor (2013), and Palestinian director Elia Suleiman in It Must Be Heaven (2019), which won two awards at 2019 Cannes Interntaional Film Festival.

Moreover, Suliman has worked on a number of other successful films, such as The Last Friday (2011) by director Yahya Alabdallah — which is the first Jordanian film to participate in the Berlin International Film Festival — British TV series The State (2017), American series Tom Clancy's Jack Ryan (2018), Palestinian film 200 Meters (2020) by director Ameen Nayfeh, The Worthy (2016) by Emirati director Ali Mostafa, and Rattle the Cage (2015) by Emirati director Majid Al-Ansari.

It is also worth mentioning that Suliman received several awards and nominations from international festivals, including the Best Actor Award at the El Gouna Film Festival and the Antalya Golden Orange Film Festival for his film 200 Meters by director Ameen Nayfeh, and from the Dubai International Film Festival and the Carthage Film Festival for his film The Last Friday.

Suliman’s most recent appearance was in Sally El-Hosaini's film THE SWIMMERS, which opened the 47th Toronto International Film Festival, was screened at the 44th Cairo International Film Festival, and is also available now on Netflix, where it ranked first in the top 10 most watched films in the Arab world during its first week of streaming.

Furthermore, he was a jury member at the 2022 Red Sea International Film Festival’s Features Competition.

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  • 2020 Best Actor Award for his role in 200 Meters from Antalya Golden Orange Film Festival.
  • 2020 Best Actor Award for his role in 200 Meters from El Gouna Film Festival.
  • 2015 Best Actor Award for his role in Mars At Sunrise from Alexandria International Film Festival.
  • 2012 Best Actor Award for his role in The Last Friday from Carthage Film Festival.
  • 2011 Best Actor Award for his role in The Last Friday from Dubai International Film Festival.